Birch Coffee NY Recap + Review

by - 1/03/2018 10:30:00 AM

As you guys know I consider myself a tea enthusiast. I honestly believe that not all teas are created equal. A lot of them should not even be put on the petal that they're on. Like me, my sister loves trying out different coffee places especially while visiting New York. While out and about in New York. We noticed that this location had recently opened and thought why not give it a try. I was so happy to see that they served tea as well. What I love about this Birch Coffee is that the location is really inviting and intimate. I also love that they sell their own cold brewed coffee which is pretty own. 

The employee that was helping me was super sweet with assisting me with selecting a tea flavor. She was also very knowledgeable as well. Which always makes the experience less daunting when you're trying to decide on the perfect tea to indulge in. The scenery of the location really stayed true to the brand which was really cool. 

My sister loved the espresso that she orded and the tea that I orded was so flavorful. I honestly can't wait until my next visit to NY to try another one of their amazing teas. 

Have you tried out any new Coffee/tea places lately?

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  1. I love coffee and cozy coffee shops. Also, I love the wall with the bookshelf

  2. I absolutely love adorable little coffee shops like this! I’d love to hang out there with a good book. Shell

  3. This looks like a nice shop. I love the wood backing decor.

  4. I wonder if I would know the difference between teas. I drink a lot of tea at home but not often when I'm out other then Teavana.

  5. This place looks very clean. The last coffee shop I went to was just Starbucks. I need to venture out more


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