4 Winter Beverages to Keep You Warm This Winter

by - 1/18/2018 10:30:00 AM

I am not a winter person at all. Why do I still live in Connecticut? That a whole different post that would take too long to share today. Plus, we're discussing 4 Winter Beverages to Keep You Warm This Winter. I will say that one of the things that I love most about winter is indulging in warm winter beverages with my family and cuddling under my fleece blanket. 
By request, I typically make the Nutella Hot Chocolate on a daily basis. I also make the Chai latte for myself daily. It's my coffee. I should have a shirt that says “ No talkie before My Lattie”. I love to indulge in Chai lattes. They're so yummy especially with warm froth milk that I make with my immersion blender. I have a homemade Chai latte that I batch make. Not sure why I haven't shared the recipe on the blog. It's so yummy and rich. There's such a major difference with a fresh batch I chai tea. I typically keep it in a mason jar and keeps for about a week. If it lasts that long...

Anywho, What's your favorite warm winter beverage?

4 Winter Beverages to Keep You Warm This Winter 

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Chai Latte

Easy Caramel Apple Cider

Apple Cider Recipe

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  1. My daughter loves Nutella, I have to make this hot chocolate for her. We can definitely use it here in Wisconsin. It is so cold here!

  2. As someone who doesn't drink regular tea or coffee, this list really appeals to me! Apple and cinnamon are so perfect for the season but I think the Nutella hot Chocolate has to go on the top of my to-try-list!

  3. Ive never considered myself a Winter person either. Then when it comes I remember how cozy it is to wear sweaters and how good the food is during the holidays : )

  4. These all sound so delicious! I think I may need to give that Nutella Hot Chocolate a try first . . .

  5. I'm glad that I found this. I've been looking for ideas on how to consume apple cider. I'm going to be adapting the caramel apple cider recipe. Much obliged


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