Menu Plan Monday: Week of 8/14/17

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As you guys know I’m always looking for ways that I can save my family money. However, sometimes the easiest ways are right in front of our eyes. I’ve noticed that we’ve been wasting a lot of food. Well, I should mention that any food wasted is a lot of food wasted to me. I also noticed that I keep going to the grocery store purchasing stuff that we might NEED when in all actuality. I go to the grocery store every week so there’s no need to go to the grocery store and purchase items that are not needed for that week. What I would like to start working on is stop buying food that will not be eaten that same week. Not sure why I purchase so much food. However, I will mention that if I see the Mister’s favorite spaghetti sauce on sale I will stock up on stuff like that we might need that doesn't expire so fast. However, anything else has to be of use that same week. I would also like to get back into the habit of freezer cooking. When I do freezer cook, it’s totally a time saver. All I typically have to do is take the item out to thaw and place it in the oven or crockpot which I love. One of the meals that have been great with freezer cooking is my ziti recipe. If you guys remember, the Mister was 100% against freezer cooking. He's not at all a reheated meal type of guy. Thus, the reason I typically make small portions of dinner. I also plan to keep a chart for myself when I meal prep for my meals. I’m not perfect by no means. I noticed that things get lost in the shuffle especially when I’m down to the last couple of days of food that I've prepped. I do utilize clear containers. However, I think the next step for me is to actually write down how much food I have and cross out each time something is taken out of the fridge. I also think that it would be a great idea for me start keeping an inventory list for our deep freezer. Most of the time I have no idea what’s in there until I’m looking for food for another recipe. So I really would like to do better with that. I'm going to take baby steps with this and I'll keep you guys updated. Anywho, below I'm sharing my meal plan for the week.

Meal Plan

Monday: The Mister 
Tuesday: Baked Ziti w/ garlic bread
Wednesday: Sticky Herb Chicken w/ rice and veggies
Thursday: Asian Inspired Shrimp w/ veggies and rice
Friday: Garlic Ranch Chicken w/ potato salad and veggies
Saturday: The Mister
Sunday: Baked Ziti w/ garlic bread

What's on the menu this week? 

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