The Paul Hotel New York Review

by - 8/03/2017 11:00:00 AM

I recently stayed at the Paul hotel for the Mister's birthday and I believe this was my first time staying at a bouquet hotel. I wanted to share with you, my experience staying at this hotel. Because not hotels in New York are created equal. 

(Picture of the hallway)


I love the location of this hotel. It's close to Time Square and a lot of amazing restaurants and shops. I love that this hotel has a rooftop bar and a seating area in the front of the hotel. Which is nice to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee on.  


The staff was really nice at this hotel. I love that they were attentive to my needs. 


The room was the typical size of a room in New York. I will say that the room was really clean by the appearance and the furniture was updated and chic. The rooms come with water and a Keurig machine and tea as well which is great. 

The hotel room smelled love or urine. I believe the smell came from the bathroom not being properly cleaned. I can't hold this against all rooms. I just believe that this was an oversight. The hotel lobby smelled great. 

Overall, I would stay at this hotel again because of the location and how up to date the hotel is. I will not hold the oversight against this hotel. I would defiantly book a room at the Pual Hotel again.

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  1. I appreciate your honest review... I'm traveling here soon and would not book here due to your bathroom not being properly cleaned and smelling... that would be a deal breaker for me... every aspect of my room should be clean but especially bathrooms... Shell

  2. Never heard of this hotel before. Love your review being honest. Love the seating place in front of the hotel it looks great and the proximity to Time Square.

  3. The hotel seems perfect for a short stay.. What about the rates. Was it economical

  4. What a good review about this hotel and I'd love to stay in a Hotel like this so comfy

  5. This hotel looks so familiar! I think I stayed here when it was changing names. If it's the one I think, it's gorgeous!


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