Weight Loss Journey Update: 2 Inches Down!

by - 5/24/2017 11:52:00 AM

This morning I decided to measure my waist and I was so shocked that I lost 2 inches in my waist. By no means am I one of those beautiful women who has always had a small waist. Nope, not me! I looked at myself and was like “nope” I don't want to measure myself and see that it's the same size from my last measurement. It looked like it was the same. I don't measure myself on a weekly basis because I'm honestly scared that I'm going to see that I didn't loose or that I gained weight and freak out. I do plan at some point once I reach my goal to track my weight weekly. Just not right now. I've been asked what has worked for me and I'm sharing the deets below.


For the last couple of weeks, I haven't been to the gym. I don't even own a gym membership. I did a couple of weeks ago and wouldn't go. 


I try my best to stay away from dairy. I typically have up to 1200 calories a day. I try my best to stay under 1400 and a little above 1000 calories. I typically drink a cup of mint or green tea daily with no sweeteners added. I will add a half of lemon to my green tea though.

Counting Calories

When I first started this journey. I did not count calories I was more focused on portion control. I did not want to give up anything! That shortly changed when I noticed that I could actually lose weight. I use My Fitness Pal to track and count calories.


I try my best to have 10K steps daily. Which really works out because I have a dog so I take him walking in the morning and for a walk at night. If I still do not have any enough steps. I'll take a walk by myself. I don't own a Fitbit. I use my phone to track my steps. 

Do you have any fitness tips? 

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  1. Thank you for the tips. And great to know the update. You are doing great.

  2. Good to know you are able to shed more weight. As for me, I reduce my intake of carb; I eat a lot of fruits and veggies more than any other thing. I also do some exercise.

  3. So great about your update. The tips are great as I'm slowly trying to get back into shape. I need to start tracking my steps.

  4. Your tips are basically the ones I try to follow. I always try to hit 10,000 steps a day and I work on drinking lots of water. I don't always eat the best though, I admit that.

  5. That's awesome!!! Congratulations; I'm so bad at calorie counting but abs are made in the kitchen!


  6. Congratulations for loosing 2 inches down! Must be an amazing feeling. I've replaced all the flavored sugar with honey in my diet and am seeing a little difference on my waistline!

  7. Congrats to you love, I am working on reducing my sugar intake so hopefully that will help me lose some weight

  8. Congratulations on loosing 2 inches. I have been trying to exercise more myself. Fortunately, I gave up my car which helped since now I have to walk everywhere I want to go.

  9. Fantastic progress. Any tips on how you keep disciplined?

  10. You go, girl! That's great progress I also use my phone to track my steps. Who needs a pedometer? Lol!

  11. Great tips here! As you well said, weight loss is a journey. I'm personally not a fan of counting calories, but if you want to see results, you got to keep track of everything.

  12. nice tips Tasheena, I am the lazy workout person! I actually hate working out, but i have to lose some inches too

  13. That's so great with the fitness pal trackers. Congrats to you on that. And the counting calories. And two inches is awesome.


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