Menu Plan Monday: Week of 5/15/17

by - 5/15/2017 10:09:00 AM

Happy Monday! I hope all of the Moms enjoyed their Mother's Day. My Mother’s Day was pretty low key. It rained pretty much all Saturday and partly on Sunday. Which was wonderful for my garden...I’m always sharing with people how awesome crockpots are. This week I plan on cooking more crockpot meals and using my crockpot more. This week I plan on using my crockpot twice this week for Tuesday and Wednesday meals. I also plan on freezer cooking Sundays meal. I would love to incorporate freezer cooking more in my meal prep. I will surely keep you guys posted. 

Monday: Meatloaf w/ sautéed Brussels sprouts and white cheddar shells

Tuesday: The Best Chicken Ever w/ baked beans with ground turkey and yellow rice 

Wednesday: Baked Ziti w/ garlic bread ( freezer cooking second batch for Sunday )

Thursday: Asian Inspired Shrimp w/ yellow rice and veggies

Friday: Kielbasa w/ red beans and rice

Saturday: Freestyle 

Sunday: Baked Ziti w/ garlic bread

What’s for dinner? 

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  1. I hope the weather has changed and is more improved where you are. I lock crockpots meals though and try to make at least once each week

  2. Ahaa.. Great going on crockpot meals! Shall frame one for myself soon:)

  3. We are having gemista (stuffed vegetables with rice) today and fish tomorrow. I need to cook dinner for the little one too but she is easy to please!

  4. Dinner is whatever people can find!

    I wish.

    Though some nights I say that because I hate cooking and I feel everyone else has hands capable of doing it. I know I will be making tacos at some point this week. And sloppy joes. I'm all about simple.

  5. Maybe I have to come by your house to have some of those crockpot
    Has for the rain, your garden has benefitted from the it.

  6. What an inspiration! I used to be so good at scheduling dinners, but lately, in this new home, that's our temporary rental, I don't know if I'm just overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Either way you definitely have me excited to have all my kitchen supplies back, and to make the best I can of a schedule in the meantime. Would love to see and hear about more of these recipes! Particularly your take on Ziti, I love hearing various interpretations of classic dishes! :D

  7. We are having lots and lots of veggies this week fresh salads and soups!

  8. Meal planning is an absolute life saver when you're busy! Love the sound of Asian shrimp!

    Ellie |

  9. The asian inspired shrimp sounds absolutely amazing. And I am always up for a little bit of kielbasa. Looks like a great plan.

  10. Yum! I made lemon garlic tilapia with green beans and quinoa:))) meatloaf sounds yummy!

  11. Wow! What an amazing menu! I always struggle with weekly menu plan! I cook whatever I see in my refrigerator! Though I try to include one crockpots meal every week!

  12. I love the Tuesday dish best chicken ever baked beans with ground turkey and yellow rice it sound very delicious

  13. My goodness, can I eat at your house? That sounds absolutely phenomenal!


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