8th-Grade Dance?!

by - 5/31/2017 11:00:00 AM

This week Michael is headed to his 8th-grade dance. I can’t believe this time has come. I remember when I attended my 8th-grade dance. I wore a royal blue gown that was beautiful. I remember getting my hair and nails done and feeling like a little princess. I went to the hairdresser for my up-do and I remember adding rhinestones to the front of it. sigh, memories!
Not sure why when I received the letter for the 8th-grade dance that I was like “oh yeah, I forgot about that” it never even crossed my mind about him attending this dance or this dance even happening. He never even brought it up. 

I was so thankful that his school made it very clear that this wasn’t a prom. Hehe. I’m laughing because it was asked that parents did not have any limos or formal dresses for the girls. It was so funny to me because I remember one of my classmates had a limo for our 8th-grade dance. “ain’t, nobody got time for that” seriously. As I’m on a debt free journey. I realize how easy it is to spend money on things that are not so important. Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand why parents would get a limo, as the saying goes, "to each their own". I’m just thankful that his school made it not even a discussion. 

I decided to create a budget for Michael’s attire. I wanted him to look handsome without breaking the bank. He wanted to purchase his attire from Abercrombie. However, we don’t have this store at our local mall. I did find some really cute pieces on sale though. I opted to go to Macy’s instead, which was the perfect choice. I was able to find such a cute outfit for him without breaking the bank. I let him decide on the final selection. Even though I was rooting for the opposite choice. 

Anywho, Do you remember your 8th-grade dance?

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