Dollar Tree Mothers Day Gift Idea

by - 5/06/2016 10:58:00 PM

Mothers Day is Sunday and boy has the Dollar tree has been my best friend. I love that my mother is grateful for whatever she gets and is not picky. 

I though I would create for her a " Spa themed" Mothers Day basket. 
I found so many items that were just perfect. 

I decided to take my silhouette machine out to personalize the items. 
I love how the look of the basket so far. The only item that was not from the Dollar Tree is the hand towel which was purchased on clearance for under $3 at Target. 
Anywho, any DIY projects in the works for Mothers Day?

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  1. In the first 1880s, the Methodist Episcopal Chapel in Albion reserve the second Weekend in May to identify the special efforts of moms. In its present form, Mother's Day was proven by Anna Jarvis by making use of John Wanamaker following a fatality of her mom, Ann Jarvis, on, may 9, 1905. The state service was on, may 10, 1908, and another year your day was reported to be extensively celebrated in NY.
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  2. wow that's really unique and price is also very low. we can defiantly give it to our mom. if you are looking for more options please check it out here


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