Trip to Homegoods Today

by - 5/04/2016 11:06:00 PM

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to revamp our bathroom. It all started yesterday when I found bath essentials on clearance. To going to Homdepot to purchase paint...only to realize that I had the wrong color. To fast forward to this morning deciding that I was going back to Target to see if I could find another shower curtain. I found nothing on clearance at my first store and scored a couple of items at my second store to lead me to Homegoods. Sounds like a lot? Yes, it was... It feels as if I hardly every goto Homegoods. I usually only go on a whim or while in passing. I wanted to share a couple of things that caught my eye. 

I love the food section, always great finds. 
My love for glass  

How cute are these laundry baskets? 

Love this sign, need it for my office

So much cuteness 

Love this Acrylic desk  

How cute are the little diamonds in Themis chair?

I need this!!

This picture doesn't do the lamp any justice. 

Love this look. 

Such a pretty piece of art. 

I love these end tables

These glass bowls would look so cute on a large island. 

I love the size of this desk. 

Do you shop at Homegoods? What's your favorite area in the store? 

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