Christmas Tree?!

by - 11/05/2014 05:57:00 AM

Growing up my parents would always purchase a real Christmas tree. We would usually go as a family to pick out the tree. Occasionally, my Dad would come home with one.  Our family tradition was to put our tree up a day after Thanksgiving and decorate it that same day.  My mother would typically take the tree down on New Year’s Day.

Now that I have my own family, I continued the tradition of putting the tree up a day after Thanksgiving. (The mister really didn't have a family tradition) However, I always go with a fake Christmas tree and usually decorate the tree by myself.

Now that I am in the blogger universe, I noticed that some people put there tree up as early as November 1st and I truly love that idea (the sooner the better).

I would love to know what your family tradition is. Do you put a tree up? When? 

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  1. We go and pick out our tree the first Saturday in December and decorate it as a family. It has been tradition to take down all Christmas decorations before New Years, starting the year off with a clean slate.

  2. We have two trees! The one on the main floor goes up and is decorated by myself mid-November. The one in the downstairs family room goes up mid-November and hubby does the lights and then we wait to decorate it until our daughter gets home from school which is usually early to mid-December.


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