Thanks Pinterest

So after hearing two people post about pallet projects on Instagram. I decided to do a quick search on Pinterest... I remember seeing some pretty cool pallet projects over the past couple of years, and like the mason jars, I'm super late. I pretty much felt as if I would not find pallets in my area. Until doing a quick google search and found that Craigslist is a great source to search. I'm also going to see if my neighbor would be so kind to give me 9. ( I put the mister on the job to ask him. ) 

I really love the idea of creating deck since my container garden is pretty much taking up all of the space on my deck. I also like the idea of creating some type of seating area. I really just want a pretty oasis. Really girly, but super sexy (insert wink). Since we really on have Until now and august I really need to get a move on it. 

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  1. Well this just opened my eyes to whole new way of thinking about those pallets that are always in the back of the store.
    Good post!


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