My Latest Obsession...Swing Bottles

by - 7/03/2014 04:31:00 PM


Hey Guys,

So I've been on the hunt for these bottles and could not figure out the name. I went to a swanky resturant last week and they used these bottles for each table to house the water. Of course I was in all, and naturally my imagination started to run wild. How cute would these be for brunch? They would be perfect to house water, orange juice. They would be even cuter to bring to a party filled with sangria with a pretty bow! 

I found the bottles above on the left for $2.29!

Anywho, any good finds? 

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  1. Those bottles are super cute. I never thought of using them at home or take to a party.

  2. I love those bottles too and discovered them at Home Goods last year filled with sparkling lemonade! I have several and display them in a wire basket on top of my fridge, lemonade gone, of course! Happy 4th! Lee from Little Bitty Damn Houze


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