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So if you follow me on Instagram, you saw my post earlier today about finding an awesome deal on cargo pants... This morning while getting my son ready for school. He asked if he could buy him some army pants. I wasn't sure where I would find them at. I also wasn't sure if that whole wave of camo pants went away (fashion trend) my first thought was going to the thrift store... So my first step at home was doing a google search. I found some items on EBay and Poshmark that weren't his size. Then I randomly started searching my favorite stores for him. I finally went to my favorite store Target, after seeing Gap had a pair online. I was pleasantly surprised the price was a fraction of the price of the pair at Gap. Since I know that their is a very good chance that he would grow out of these pants by next fall, I couldn't see myself spending $34. Yup me just being frugal!!


1. Always search for coupon codes prior to shopping online or In-store 

2. Never assume the price online, is the same price in-store.( Always call to confirm the price)

3. Join your favorite store(s) email mail list ( for exclusive savings)

4. Take advantage of free shipping ( however be mindful of what you're actually saving. For example, If your only spent $20. would it be worth it to spend $80 or more for free shipping? No, just pay the shipping cost.)

5. Shop around for the best shipping price and/or prices. ( You never know, another store may have the item cheaper.)

6. Never assume the item sold online, is sold in-stores. (The Target brand of the pants above is not sold in stores)

Any great deals lately?

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  1. Great tips! I always shop around! My baby son is into everything army and he has the camo pants from Target as well. Another great source for camo is the Army Navy Store. You can buy official military gear for $17 for pants|jackets and $7 for shirts|hats. Great quality as well.


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