My First Meal of 2014

by - 1/02/2014 11:14:00 PM

2014? YAY! As you can tell from the title at 12:00 am on Januray 1, 2014. I came to the conclusion that I needed to feed myself before I went to sleep. I went looking online for a recipe but couldn't find anything that I wanted to try. So, I sautéed three cloves of (minced ) garlic. I took out & cooked scallops ( about 3/4 cups in the same pan ), Udon noodles ( followed the directions on the package, soy sauce (two tablespoons) and sliced and cooked two green onions ( mixed all ingredients together and cooked for three minutes on medium. Their wasn't any recipe for this meal so I pretty much made it up as I went along. I figured that I couldn't go wrong with garlic. I was hesitant at first to give it a try, because because I was really scared that I wasted my time with this meal... But it was delicious!! 

I never really liked scallops, until I went to an event in December and they were being served. ( pictured below) I'm not sure if it's me now being a vegetarian our what. The scallops severed at the event taste amazing. I wanted to ask the server to leave the entire tray... They were pan seared in a raspberry sauce garlic sauce.

I'm really coming to the conclusion more, and more each day that I have to try and be more creative with the meals I prepare for myself. I've also learned that meal planning for myself is going to be my best friend.  It's so much easier knowing ahead of time that I have all of the ingredients at home. Since it's cold outside I'm going to focus more on eating warm meals, that I wouldn't eat in the Spring or summer time like soups. 

Are you changing your eating habits this year? Do you menu plan?

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  1. That sounds delish! I go with my pregnancy cravings for now but keep it healthy (as best I can!). I LOVE scallops wrapped in bacon. Divine!


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