Blogher'14... Who's Going?


With Blogher'14 right around the corner, who's going? Without some form of sponsorship or winning the lottery, my chances of going are slim to none :(. It's more so that the flight is so expensive flying out of my state. I have considered several options to lower the cost like sharing a room with someone, going by myself (the mister went with me to the first one I attended) and volunteering. Yes, I have put a lot of thought into this, LOL
Are you going?

Thank You For Stopping By!


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  1. I'm going. Hopefully I'll get sponsored. If I'm not at least partially sponsored I'm not sure I'd go...or if I did, I wouldn't go to blogalicious later in the year. Hopefully you win the lotto! :)

  2. I want to go sooooooo bad! I've never been because I've always had something going on during the time of the conference. Hoping that doesn't happen this year!


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