(LIVE) Show Me What You Got Linky Party #102

by - 1/20/2014 02:45:00 PM

Welcome Friends to ODH Show Me What You Got Linky Party #102

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Organizer By Day: Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Flatock Cabin: Captoe Sneakers

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Come and Join me for Show me What you Got Linky Party on Tuesday’s the party will go live by 5 pm EST Monday , and will be open for three days. Feel free to join in at any time during the party!

I'll be featuring the projects the following Tuesday that gave me the wow factor!

Home projects, recipes, tips, crafts, DIYs, makeovers, etc. are welcome.
NOW Show Me What You Got!

Party Guidelines:
Our DelightfulHome

1. Become a follower of Our Delightful Home on Google Friend Connect or Linky Followers.
2. Put the show me what you got Tuesday’s with Our Delightful Home Button anywhere on your blog to share the and show some love you can also Link back to my blog. (Mandatory)
3. Please no links to giveaways or Etsy shops. Please remember to link to a specific post (that you have made)

5. Please be friendly and visit each other's links. You never know where your next inspiration may come from.

(If for some reason my buttons on this post are not working, please try the ones at the top or side toolbar, Thank you!)

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  1. Oh no, your link isn't working.

  2. It shows that the party is now closed. Did I miss it?

  3. and it should say "you're next" ... sorry, editor pet peeve!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting!!! :) Have a great week!

  5. Fun, fun! Thx for hosting- off to visit some blogs :)

  6. Thanks for the party . Have a great week.

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