The Chrismas Gift I Wasn't Expecting!!

by - 12/31/2013 06:55:00 AM

As many of you know, I’ve been slowly but surely transitioning to getting an Apple laptop (or at least that’s what I tell myself) for some reason my laptop no longer works properly. I’ve had it for probably 3-4 years… Let’s rewind a little; I purchased the laptop as a gift to myself for Grad school. At first I rarely ever used it. I primarily would use it for assignments etc. This was pre-blogger days. So I would allow the kids, family and friends to play games on it download stuff etc... For some reason, within the past year or so my computer has gone from working fine to just acting wacky. Up until our last day together I was unable to open any of my Word documents. We brought the computer to our Tech guy, and it still would not open up my Microsoft Suite. *sigh* to be honest I really gave up on this computer and wanted to start over. Even though I have my iPad, I still use my laptop for pretty much everything. So fast forward to now, my step daughter has been asking for a laptop for a couple of years now. With her being fifteen it is pretty much essential for school etc. So the Mr. and I decided that we would get it for her for Christmas, and low and behold we called her on Christmas morning and she received a laptop as a Christmas gift…Me being me, I was beyond ecstatic, we got the computer for a really good price, and I just could not come to terms with returning it. To be honest, I was hoping that she got the computer as a gift (I asked the Mister to confirm, she has a tendency to request the same gifts)… At her age, there is really nothing else that she would’ve wanted besides an iPad.  So YES!! I have a new laptop **insert happy dance**

Have you ever purchased a gift for someone, and really wanted it for yourself?
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