No More Meat? Say What???

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No more meat? Almost two weeks ago, I decided that I would slowly transition into no longer eating meat (becoming a vegetarian). If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that in my home (primarily the Mister and I) we do eat red meat or pork. We only eat Poultry (I still cook red meat for my son, once in a blue moon though.) The mister and I have discussed in the past becoming vegans, to be honest, we never spoke about actually becoming vegetarians.  So on a whim; I challenged myself to stop eating meat completely.

So far it’s actually been a different experience for me.  Of course with all of the holiday parties, the pickings are slim for me **sigh** but this experience, has actually made me be more creative with the meals I prepare for myself, and my family has been very supportive with my decision. I’m just at a point where I’m trying to get in the swing of things…

If you know of any good vegan or vegetarian blogs, please feel free to share the name/link below.

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  1. Congratulations!!! This is truly awesome. I'm a vegan myself and know you're showing such courage and action. You will feel so much better in yourself in no time. When I first decided to go veg i didn't know how to cook anything except toast and like you said somehow it actually brings out the creativity in you and you learn how to make the most wonderful treats. I follow as Kirsty Girl from my home blog but I also own and post lots of yummy recipe's there.

    Congratulations again!!!

  2. Oh wow that's awesome! I'm not ready for that step but I am determined to eat clean! I've decreased my fast food consumption and slowly but surely, I'm working on cooking daily.....the struggle continues.....

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