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From Bond girl to best-selling author, to mother of three daughters, Denise Richards has captivated the world with her charming personality and stunning beauty. But beyond the glamorous Hollywood persona lies a modern, independent and real person whom women from all walks of life can relate to.
Denise’s hands-on approach is reflected in every aspect of the project. She worked tirelessly with master perfumers to perfect the fragrance, and coupled it with a unique bottle and package that is not only strikingly beautiful, but embodies her multi-faceted personality and deep, seducing blue eyes. The end result is a fragrance that is as natural, fascinating and unique as the woman who created it.
In creating her signature fragrance, Denise Richards evokes her fondest memories of soft tropical evenings. Combining exotic white flowers, warm, comforting vanilla, and hints of coconut and plumeria, the result is a fragrance that personifies Denise’s natural beauty and casual elegance. Denise Richards uses the most luxurious ingredients to compose a fragrance that is both sensual and timeless, treating the wearer to the idyllic warmth of a tropical breeze.

My Review

I’m a huge fan of Denise Richards, and was so excited about getting the opportunity to review this product. When the box first arrived in the mail, it truly made my day! I opened the box and fell in love with the design of the bottle. I was also very impressed with the quality of the perfume. Denise’s perfume has such a refreshing scent. It’s a fragrance that can be worn winter, spring and fall. I also noticed that it doesn't bother my aunt who has really bad allergies. She actually complimented me on the fragrance. Overall, this is a product that I would highly recommend to my family and friends. Plus it is really affordable! I also, plan on purchasing a bottle once my current bottle runs out.

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All opinions expressed are solely those of the author. I was provided with a free sample of this product to review. I have not received any Monetary Compensation for this review but did receive free products to use & evaluate for the review. Your thoughts & opinions may differ from me.

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  1. I will have to smell this... I LOVE me some smell goods! She's a BEAUTY BTW!


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