Caramel Chex Mix With Christmas Sprinkles

by - 12/01/2013 05:35:00 PM


So today I was craving a dessert/sweet treat that would be super simple and easy to make. Now some of you know know that I love caramel. To be honest with you, upon going on my search I really did not have any idea what is was going to make. I looked on Pinterest and saw some awesome ideas which started a google search for a caramel Chex Mix recipe, which was pretty much the same ingredients I used for making caramel popcorn. After the caramel Chex Mix cooled. I could not wait to give it a try hence this blog post. If you are a caramel lovers then this recipe is for you! I sprinkled Christmas colored sprinkles on while the batch was still hot just to add on to the festivities, and I must say that this recipe is DELISH!!

Recipe here

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