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by - 12/24/2013 07:13:00 AM

With Christmas tomorrow, I wanted to create a wish list with items that I really, really, really want. (Hint, hint, clue, clue.) Plus, with my Birthday right around the corner, why not? Links near the items would be helpful, but I’m being a little lazy today.  **sigh** . I really have no particular order that I would like the gifts.

1.       Plane ticket to Jamaica (anytime: spring, fall or winter would be ideal for me.)

2.        Huetiful Hair Steamer 

3.       I purchased a cupcake holder a couple of months ago, because it was so cute (if you follow me on IG you saw it). It was a waste of my money, it’s really hard to get the cupcakes out, I had to use a plastic knife to get them out the last time I used it.

4.       I’ve been asking for this for too long. I am still patiently waiting… I guess the really problem is I’m really not sure which one I should start off with.

Do you have any items; you are anticipating purchasing for yourself or have on a wish list?
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