Our One Year Anniversary

by - 3/02/2012 07:12:00 AM

Picture taken 2-25-2011

Hello Friends!
I hope you guys are having a fabulous Friday so far. On Saturday, February 25, 2012 Mr. D and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I will have to admit that I have been dreaming about this day for so long. To me it is a huge accomplish, and milestone! I dreamed of waking up to a bedroom covered with rose petals on the floor, having mimoas and our favorite breakfast, going to the best restaurant for lunch & dinner, and concluding our evening with a horse driven carriage ride through central park. Sounds great right? Well, when our anniversary finally came. All I wanted to do was cuddle in my husband’s arms. Being out in public was the last thing on my mindJ. I would like to thank my husband for showing me what true love really is.

Now I would like to provide with a couple of helpful tips reminders:

  1. Always be honest: Do not marry someone if you have not been completely honest with them.
  2. Be yourself: Because those that matter really do not mind If they love you for you.
  3. The same thing you did to get him/her is the same thing you have to do to keep him/her.
  4. Choose your battles: do not argue and nag your spouse about every little thing.
  5. Spice up your relationship: Do not just cater to your spouse because it is a Holiday, Birthday or anniversary.
  6. Remember to compromise: it’s no always about or what you want.

To my wonderful loving, supportive husband, I look forward to many years to come!

Thank You For Stopping By!

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  1. Happy (Belated) Anniversary!!! Great words of wisdom!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Time flies by so fast, your tips are great to help enjoy each other and build a good foundation for a long happy life. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love the photo, such a fab idea!


  4. Happy Anniversary!! Marriage is work but the most rewarding thing.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the tips! I'll be walking down the aisle later this year and it's nice to hear what you learned over your first year together. Enjoy your weekend:D

  6. Happy Anniversary!! One year down a lifetime to go! :)

  7. Congratulations--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!!!

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by Blissful and Domestics Blog Hop. I am of course following your cute blog and am now catching up on your bloggy cuteness here. I hope you will come back this week and link up again:>


    1. Danielle

      Thank You & Thanks for hosting!

      Mrs. Delightful

  9. Congratulations!
    This summer we will celebrate 10 years! It is definitely work, but worth it.
    Thanks for sharing the tips! #4 is a really good one.

    1. Optimistic Mom

      Thank You & Congrats!

      Mrs. Delightful

  10. congrats congrats! you are lucky in love!

  11. This is just so cute! My husband and I have been married for a long time. He was in the Vietnam war shortly after we were married. It was difficult but we got through it with God's help and we've been together ever since. Blessings to you both. Linda

    Oh, I signed up as a Linky follower, too.

  12. Congratulations! Happy anniversary! :)


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