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I have come to the conclusion that I need a portable sewing table A.S.A.P.! Almost two months ago. We turned our "everything room" into a guest bedroom. Which means I no longer have a place to sew, I thought about purchasing a portable table, which would actually work out fine, seeing how I could use the table for other use if need be...Earlier this week I decided to do a Google search for a portable sewing tables and to my surprise they actually have some pretty cool sewing tables. I will admit that most of them are pretty pricey and I have been thinking about actually recreating the table myself...When I think of the perfect portable sewing table I am actually thinking of a table that would fit in our bedroom or our back hallway. I am not longing for a desk style. I would really prefer a sewing table that could collapse. The perfect table would be able to house all of my sewing and crafts material...

Below are some contenders...

Home Styles Portable...via

Portable Craft Tablevia


Venture Horizon VHZ Office 70" W Mobile Craft Double Desk - 1019-33OA

NORDEN Gateleg table, white Length: 35 " Min. length: 10 1/4 " Max. length: 59 7/8 " Width: 31 1/2 " Height: 29 1/8 "  Length: 89 cm Min. length: 26 cm Max. length: 152 cm Width: 80 cm Height: 74 cm

MUDDUS Drop-leaf table, black Min. length: 18 7/8 " Max. length: 36 1/4 " Width: 23 5/8 " Height: 29 1/8 "  Min. length: 48 cm Max. length: 92 cm Width: 60 cm Height: 74 cm
Do you have a sewing/craft room or area?

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  1. I totally understand what you mean about the need for a sewing table, I saw some collapsible tables in Ikea. I can't say how strong they are but maybe they run a little cheaper than the contenders you have here. I decided on my table because it is small and will fit in the space I am claiming (I haven't asked my family how they feel about it yet) for my sewing area. I really hope you find one you love and at a price you can't beat! I really like the first and fifth tables.

  2. Summer:

    The fifth table is from IKEA and is a little over $150.00. I really do not want to spend a lot of money on a table right now. However, I am still looking for quality and storage space. I am also trying to claim a craft space in our home :). I will keep you updated :).

  3. I came across this problem a few months ago. I had been using an old computer desk, but that didn't give me the elbow room I needed. I also didn't like that it was hanging out in the middle of the family room.

    We got a flat screen TV and hung it on the wall. That freed up the fireplace nook (where had our TV, not a fireplace:) for a sewing table.

    I looked all over online and in stores and didn't find a table I loved. My hubs and I talked about just building one. My grandma recently passed away, and I inherited HER sewing table. I got my love of sewing from her. Her table fit the nook PERFECTLY, and now I get to spend hours sewing with my grandma!

    I had to fix a few things and add some storage solutions, but I love it. I'm a happy crafter! :)

    Wow. Longest.Comment.Ever. Sorry! :)


  4. Love the new tables. I have the shell of an old collasable table. I want to do more sewing also ... Check Ebay and

  5. The one that folds down looks pretty nifty!

  6. Crafty Cousins:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really do enjoy reading them. :)


    Thank you! I will have to give those sites a try :)


    Thank you :)

    ~Mrs. Delightful


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