Mini Christmas Trees

Over the weekend while doing a lot of R& R and crafts I decided to go to Pinterest to get some inspiration. Well, to my surprise I saw these adorable little trees...

Prior to looking online, I knew I only wanted to use material we had in our home. I noticed the project required poster board. Of course I had no poster board in our home. I went on to the next best thing. The inner lining of gift wrap, I measured the tree and once cut I applied regular tape to the tree.( gives a full tutorial) I knew I wanted to try something different and I decided to use leftover ribbon we had in our home instead of fabric...

(I decided to use one of our crystal candle holders to give it a little extra sparkle.)

Did you complete any projects over the weekend?

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  1. Hi there Mrs. Delightful!
    This is very creative! Can't wait to see how your blog grows!
    Love, Olga
    P.S.: Newest follower!

  2. Thank you & Thanks for stopping by!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. Peyton's mom:

    Thank you!


    Thank You!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  4. Drop Dead GORGEOUS!!!!! I love it!!! sending holiday hugs...

  5. Andrea:

    Thank You! Happy Holidays to you & yours!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  6. Very nice! I am still trying to decorate believe it or not, I think I may throw in the towel tomorrow because I have baking and cooking to do!


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