My Mommy Style Monday: Yellow Top & High Waisted Jeans

by - 7/13/2020 12:00:00 AM

Happy Monday! This weekend was super relaxing. I spent lots of time in my garden. I also added more veggies to my garden beds. Last week I retrained the cucumber vines. I directly planted my cucumber seeds back in June, and I'm patiently waiting for so yummy cucumbers to make my pineapple, cucumber, ginger juice

How was your weekend? 

Attire Breakdown

Top: DIY Jeans: FemmeLuxe Shoes: Target 

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  1. You look great and these jeans are perfect on you. It has been a while I haven't used high waisted jeans!

  2. That top is beautiful! You really pull off that whole outfit!

  3. I haven't gotten me a pair of high waisted jeans yet. I do have a pair of high waisted leggings. -LYNNDEE

  4. That is such a great outfit. It looks amazing on you. I don't think I could pull off the top like you can. I really love those jeans too. I need to get some more like those.

  5. Wow what a gorgeous yellow top really fits on you. Yeah jeans is my all time favorite piece of clothing.

  6. Yellow looks amazing on you! Love the jeans too. Awesome look!

  7. You are a hot mommy. Love this yellow top and jeans. It is suit really on you.

  8. Your top is so pretty. I love the color and style of it.

  9. What a gorgeous outfit! You look amazing in this. Love the design of the top.


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