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This post contains affiliate books. I received a sample of the buddy headphones. All opinions are of my own. 

One of the things that I look forward must to during the spring and summer months is the road trips that I take with my family. Living in Connecticut, we live so close to so many amazing road trip destinations, whether it be visiting New Hampshire to visit Hampton Beach or we take a drive to Atlantic City or even taking a quick weekend getaway to Maine. The possibilities are really endless. I’ve mastered packing for my family and below I’m sharing some of our favorite items to bring with us. 

My kiddos have BuddyPhones. They’re super reliable and have 14+ hour battery life and four distinct SafeAudio listening modes for every listener and occasion like Travel, Study, Kid, and even for Toddlers. These headphones are really affordable and they come in a vast variety of colors. I love these headphones because they’re made for children. So I never have to worry about if they’re too loud. 

Electronics & Charges
I can’t leave out of my house without our electronics and portable chargers. It makes it so nice to read my favorite books on my iPad or even work on my schedule. I always make sure that everyone's device is charged prior to leaving and I bring my two favorite portable chargers in the event that we need them. 

Audio Books & Magazines
I’m a huge fan of audiobooks for myself and my children. It’s one less thing that I have to worry about packing for my family. I typically research books that I would like to read for our trip so I’m not wasting any time looking for the perfect book to read. 

I have a ton of magazines that I love so I like to bring the latest edition with me on our trips. It’s so nice to get inspired by our travels. Sometimes I also get inspired by new places to visit. 

Food is a must-have for my family. I am a snacker. I have to have snacks with me for our trip. I always stock up a couple of days before leaving at my favorite wholesale stores. Like, Costco, Bj’s or Sams Club. I would rather have too much food than to have to stop because we ran out of something. 

I stock up with items like: 
  • Fruit
  • Juice
  • Water
  • granola bars
  • Trail mix
  • Veggie chips
  • Sandwiches
  • fruit snacks
  • fruit cups, jello, pudding, apple sauce

Towels/Paper Towels/Hand Wipes

I like to take towels with me for impromptu beach trips. We’re known to stop on our way back home at new beaches. I like to bring one town for everyone so when can stop on a whim. It’s nice because it really breaks up the trip back home. 

I also like to bring the paper towel and hand wipes to sanitize our hands and the paper towel are needed in the event that you eat in the car. Plus with kids in the car, you can never have too much paper towel. 


It’s so important to have patience during your travels. It’s so easy to allow little things to really turn an amazing day into a not so great day. When you have children in the car for long periods of time they will complain. Maybe create a reward system for those who don’t complain during the trip. Maybe they can possibly earn a gift card to their favorite store. I’ve learned when creating incentives and try to make the trip as fun as possible. It typically will go a lot smoother. 

Do you have any road trip tips or must-haves? 

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  1. For me, headphones and food are huge must haves when traveling with kids. Taking lots of breaks to stretch legs and use the restrooms are also musts for me.

  2. I need to get my kids some new headphones. Theirs are falling apart!

  3. Your list are all must haves for taking a road trip. Food aka snacks and water is always big important one. Headphones, blanket and pillows.

  4. Yup, your list is spot on. I always have headphones, books, and snacks. I can't travel without those things.

  5. We always have to have snacks on hand while traveling! We get hangry pretty quickly.

  6. Never leave home without the snacks is my motto!

  7. My kids and I are always hitting the road and we must have snacks. They must also have their electronics. I have the hotspot on my phone so they can be on their stuff and watch movies because they can't keep asking are we there yet

  8. I always take wipes with me everywhere we go. The kids are bound to get messy and the wipes make cleaning up so much easier.

  9. Ye to all of these! We always pack the food first because we always get hungry and we have toddler with us when we travel.

  10. Patience is the most important of all especially when you have kids lol. I do agree with all of these though.

  11. We love going on road trips and food is definitely a must-have. Water too, of course and pillows. -Lynndee

  12. Snacks are definitely important. Drinks are good for staying hydrated even though the extra stops can slow things down, it's important for feeling your greatest on the road!

  13. That's pretty much what we bring on our road trips to. For me, I need a pillow and a good book.

  14. Cellphone and Battery Pack should never be missed. They are combo for me on road trips and of course headphones too.


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