How To Afford To Travel When You’re Broke

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I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m often asked if I had any tips for those who want to travel. However, feel that they are too broke to travel. One, I honestly feel that being broke is a mindset and it’s not something that is forever if you take the necessary steps and actions to your future. Below a sharing 4 Tips on How To Travel When You’re Broke. I honestly believe that once you really sit down and look at where your money is going with a budget. You can find a way to start saving for a vacation. You have to want this though. More than the excuse to not be able to afford to travel because you're broke.

Give Something Up

This is honestly something that you have to decide on for yourself. One of the things that I gave up was the cable. I made the big leap a couple of years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Another thing that I did this year is decreased how often I went to Starbucks. One of the first things you should do is track your monthly expenses and feature out where your money is going. For example, every time you get paid, do you treat yourself to a luxury lunch or dinner? Do you eat out every day at lunchtime at work? Could you be bringing your own lunch to save money? One thing I also did was made the transition to eating more of a vegan diet. I always made the excuse that it would be so expensive to become a vegan. However, when I took the $20 challenge. I learned that it was so much more expensive to be a pescetarian. Now, what are you going to give up? When making this choice, don’t give up something that is actually bringing your pleasure and joy. If Starbucks is your thing. By all means, keep it in your life. Only take away something that you’re not using and is a waste.

Buy Quality

I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that purchasing something for a low price is actually going to save you money. When you’re purchasing something. Always buy quality. I always say how much iMac is one of the best investments I could have made. I kept on purchasing computers that I thought were a good investment and some of them for the price. It was a huge waste of money and I just kept on buying them. Because I actually needed a computer at the time for graduate school. I would have saved a ton of money and time if I just had invested in my iMac or MacBook Pro first.

Do Odd Jobs

If you're really serious about traveling. Take the necessary steps to make it a reality. When are in the day in time when you can pretty much make money from doing anything. From Uber to Walking a dog. Write down what you’re good at and try to find jobs based off of that. People who own businesses are always looking for VA’s (Virtual Assistants). People who sell on eBay are always looking for people to model the clothing and/or take pictures of their clothing to list. Let’s not forget selling items you don’t want on sites like eBay, Postmark, and Mercai.

Plan for the Trip 

I think one of the misconceptions is that traveling is too expensive. How do you know how much a trip is going to cost if you don’t break down the numbers? Yes, I get it. You’re broke. However, If you use my tips above you can afford to travel. You may not be able to travel luxury. However, you can still make things happen based on your income. Just because you're intimidated by the price because someone mentioned that it cost their family 5K their last trip. Doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the same case for you. Did they travel during peak times? Write down your flight, hotel, travel spending money to figure how must this trip is going to cost you. Then actually do your research.

Do you have any traveling tips?

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  1. I travel eventhough I am broke, tip is, go on a very budgeted place or do visit nearby areas. I normally have no expenses for that vacation. Sometimes, I go visit my relatives too. Having some part time jobs will help you on bills and other expenses too.

  2. I learned about the shopkick app that lets you earn points that you redeem for free gift cards. I save up my points and with that I buy my kids xmas gifts with it. You'll be surprised at what you can save when you put your mind to it.

  3. I like the idea of doing odd jobs. It's totally possible to make extra money finding extra income on the side.

  4. I love your tips! We are holding a garage sale and the proceeds will be our jump start for a trip to Italy. We are going to save it in cash, otherwise the money trickles away. By the way, I am trying to find my profile to change my settings. I can't find my profile!

  5. I love to travel and finances are always an issue. I love your tips!

  6. This is what I really need right now. I need to be more frugal for travels :)


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