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by - 2/28/2018 10:30:00 AM

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are solely those of the author. I was provided with this product for this review. Your thoughts & opinions may differ from me.

About Photowall creates unique, inspiring wall decor, working with talented photographers and designers from around the world. They offer bespoke wallpapers and canvas prints from our wide range, enabling you to create your own personalized environment.
Photowall also works with licensed brands and is an official partner for Disney, Star Wars, Modesty Blaise, Moomin Characters, etc.
Photowall uses cutting-edge digital printing techniques and well-established routines enable them to guarantee quality and precision on all our products. Photowall has printing facilities are in Skarpnäck, just south of Stockholm, Sweden.

My Thoughts

I was gorgeously provided with the opportunity to review the Photowall wall Moral. If you've been following my blog for a while or even following me on social media. I have a wall in our living room that I wanted to turn into an accent wall for years and could never decide on the perfect design. I visited photo and I was instantly drawn to several designs. However, I narrowed down my choices to two and then one. I love DIY projects and I was beyond excited to take on this project. My order arrived super fast and the directions were very clear. I knew the items that I would need beforehand and they also offer kits to purchase so you don't have to go out and purchase a bunch of products to complete this project. I love that this is something that I can do with my family or even do on my own time. Thank you Photo for this wonderful opportunity!

The Process

As prior stated. The process is really simple, you just have to mix the powder adhesive to water and follow the directions from there. I love how seamless the process is. Its panel is numbered which makes it pretty had to mess the process up or even get out of order with “what goes where”. Once you get started. You're going to want to do your entire house.


I absolutely love how the wall turned out. It brings so much height to the room and such a nice contrast of color. My Photowall is also a great conversation piece. The first thing people say when they enter my living room is “omg, how did you get that done, it looks amazing!”. Photowall makes the entire process so simple. It took me very little time to put up my wall moral and I did it all on my own. How exciting right! I followed the simple instructions and before I knew it. I was able to transform my living room into a masterpiece. Photowall is defiantly a service that I would recommend to my family/friends. The entire process was so simple and they have such a wide selection of products and services.

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  1. I love this idea of wall art! We have a blank wall that something like this would be perfect for :) It looks great!

  2. Good Job on the layout! It is very creative yet impactful.

  3. That's neat! I love all the things they can do now for wall decor. I have a few smaller wall stickers in my house, but I love the big dramatic ones.

  4. Tasheena, you are right: it looks fabulous! Since its easy to install, and comes with a variety of choices, I can't see why one wouldn't seriously consider using it. <3 xo Evelyn,

  5. The entire process does sound very simple. I love the sound of it. It also looks amazing.

  6. I like the concept. It's nice to know it's easy to apply even with one person.The numbered sheets would be handy in case I have to stop in the middle of the project.

  7. Love the look. So different and easy to use especially for the likes of me who isnt good and putting things together!

  8. Erm wall art - yes please! Great idea and a simple way to give a room a new look x

  9. This is so awesome! We just moved and I would love to put some wall art up in our mud room!

  10. I love the idea and how it all came together. I'd never heard of this, and it's really very innovative.

  11. I love the idea of a photo wall. It came out fabulous! THanks for sharing it with us.


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