My CHI Street Style + Finding My TV Style Twin

by - 3/05/2018 03:10:00 PM

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I've recently started watching the new TV series The Chi and honestly. I wasn't really sure how I was going to feel about the show. With so many amazing TV shows on. I try not to waste my time and only focus on the ones that I truly love and look forward to watching. You know, the ones that you have several alerts on to remind you that the show is coming on. Even though you don't need any reminders because you're addicted. Yup, that type of show. When I watched the first episode I must say without giving too much information I was hooked! I was in the middle of folding clothes while watching the first episode and I immediately stopped. I put the basket to the side and indulged in the rest of the show. It was so good that I had my son bring me my snack because I didn't want to pause the show and yes, my phone was on “do not disturb”.

Not only does this show start off GOOD. It also has so many amazing learning experiences and can I add style goals.

Growing up in the inner city. I totally can relate to this show too much. I really enjoy how authentic this show and how I can actually relate to the characters in the show and the various circumstances. What I was not expecting from watching this show was finding my TV Twin. Ms. Tiffany Boone on the show as Jerrika. I think she is actually one of the reasons that I love the show so much. Her ambition and drive are so motivating. We have very similar fashion style, and I love the looks that they put together for her throughout the show. Her style is so effortless! Without telling the show, she meets and fell in love with a man who was probably considered the total opposite of the men that she grew up around. She's considered the “boujee” girl of the cast. However, from what I've seen so far. She's so comfortable in her skin that she doesn't care about the opinions of others because she's true to herself.

Can we say that I can't wait to watch the next episode? The CHI is a must watch! I think I'm going binge watch until the next episode. What I love about this show as well is that I can pretty much watch the CHI from anywhere with SHOWTIME. So those days that the kiddos have me running around I can watch it on my phone and those days that the Mister is watching his favorite game I could watch it from my iPad and watch it again with the Mister when he's ready.
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  1. I'm always looking for new shows to check out, thank you for the suggestion, it seems very interesting!

  2. It sounds like a fun show to watch. It's always nice when you can relate to the characters.

  3. This sounds like an interesting show to watch.And it is good that this can be watched with 30 days free trial.

  4. We don't get Showtime so sometimes I feel we miss out on good shows, but I'm not one to just sit and watch a lot of TV - except college basketball during the season.

  5. Never heard of The Chi, but showtime always has great shows. I'm a raised city girl as well so I'm gonna check this out!

  6. You got me hooked,I love looking for new shows to watch. Your description makes it really interesting, I would surely check it out!


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