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I actually just came back from my Mommy Vacation and I thought it would be perfect to share with you guys my experience with Spirit Airlines. One of the reasons that I'm sharing this review. Is because I know a lot of people are hesitant to fly with them. I honestly was hesitant based on the reviews and some of the people's responses that have flown with them in the past.

I honestly booked my trip to Fort Lauderdale with Spirit based on the price. Spirit had the lowest prices for the days that I wanted to visit Florida and I honestly felt like why not?! I want to say that I read so many reviews and asked people and their response would be that they liked them or they would never use them again. I never met people that were neutral. It was like they liked them or hated them.

One of the major complaints I read was that their flight got canceled, the seats are uncomfortable or their flight was delayed. So I'm going to break down my experience with each of these areas.

Delayed/Canceled flight

This had me really worried. We actually had a snow storm a day prior to me returning and I noticed that the last flight that day was canceled. The problem is, is that for me. Spirit only had two flights each day going to my home airport and four in total two arriving and departing each day during this week (not sure if this changes). One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Since I had the last flight the day after the storm I wasn't sure how this was going to play out. I HAPPY to announce that my flight going to Fort Lauderdale and returning was both on time. We actually made it there earlier than the expected both ways.

Uncomfortable Seats

The seats were uncomfortable. Not sure if this is due to my body frame or this is just how it is with this specific airlines. I will say I did feel the same way about another airline that I flew. I do plan on investing in this to have on hand.

Personal Item

You are allowed one personal item for free. This is an item that can fit under your seat. This is not a carry-on item. Carry on items are an extra charge. This item would be about the size of a book bag or computer bag. You can also purchase and under the seat bag at Amazon here that meant for flights.


Print your boarding pass prior to your getting to the airport. You can also have your boarding pass emailed to you. This is the method I used and had my phone scanned. (I had no issues)
Bring your own snacks or purchase items at the airport.
Know how many flights are going out that day. As prior stated if your flight is canceled. You have to wait until the next AVAILABLE flight or you can get a refund (double check the policy)
Make sure your personal bag is the right size
If you're going to bring a checked bag or carry-on luggage. Make sure to pay for it online or at the ticket counter. It's more expensive to purchase when boarding your flight.

Also, Spirit charges for EVERYTHING! Selecting seats, foods, luggage, etc. Read and understand their policy prior to flying with them.

What I like

I like that I'm not being charged for services that I'm not using. I love that both of my flights were on time and weren't delayed or canceled.
Would I fly them again? Yes, everyone was really friendly and just overall had a great experience with them.

Have you flown Spirit before? 

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  1. I think that it would be frustrating to have to pay for every little thing. However, I am glad that you had a good experience.

  2. Thank you for your honest and unbiased review of Spirit airlines. I am glad that you had a pleasant experience. I guess everything will go well if we have properly researched and planned our trip, just like what you did.

  3. I have heard about Spirit Airlines. I'm nervous about using them only because I have had friends who have tried to fly out with them and flights were canceled for no reason at the last minute. But I do like how they are cheap. I don't think they fly out of my airport though, so I just stick with Southwest for now!

  4. Good to know that you had a lovely experience with them. Delayed flights are something that airlines can't always control especially when the weather's really bad, so that's expected but I'm glad you were able to fly out and in earlier!

  5. I have flown Spirit a number of times, as they fly out of a small airport near me. I stopped flying them a few years back after too many problems, and the charges all adding up to be more than a ticket on other carriers.

  6. We haven’t flown with Spirit airlines before. All airline seats are uncomfortable. Good to know you had a good experience over all.

  7. Haven't flown with Spirit. They have very limited destinations from where we live. I typically catch our airline tix on sale with another airlines. No bag charges and we rack up the rewards pretty quickly.

  8. Ahhh uncomfortable seats is the worse you could possibly experience in a flight especially if it's a long flight. We experienced that too the last time we flew from them.

  9. It's always nice to have a good flight. I think seats are always so uncomfortable no matter what airline you fly with. Good to know you had a good experience with them.

  10. I've never heard of Spirit airlines. We don't live where we have access to very many airlines, and it kinda sucks!

  11. Oh, thanks for your review about Sprit airlines. I have never get the chance to fly with them yet but I wouldn't mind flying with them. I do read reviews but still I prefer to experience it with myself before judging any airlines, store, etc.

  12. I'm not too familiar with this airline. Thanks for sharing, this is helpful for travelers trying to make a decision.

  13. I have flown Spirit once a few years ago. I hear a lot of bad things about them, but I can't say that my experience was terrible.

  14. I have never flown Sprint before. I do love to fly when I travel though and will have to check them out sometime. I always take a carry on bag so I'd have to see how the costs add up compared to the regular airline I use.

  15. It's very good to hear that you have a pleasant experience with Spirit Airlines despite the not so good feedback of others. I totally like your excellent tips!

  16. Your review was quite honest. Last time I flew with another airline,carry on luggage was free and was the size of of an average duffel bag. I am amazed to hear that Sprit airlines charges for that.

  17. I am always looking forward to smooth sailing trips like this. It's nice to have nothing to worry about especially if you're already tired from packing all your things and getting to the airport on time.

  18. I have always been curious about their air services. I am glad things went smoothly for you.

  19. I would actually be curious to check them out. I like that they are actually on time.


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