My First Spin Class Recap

by - 2/20/2018 10:30:00 AM

If you follow me on social media. You know that I attended my first spin class in New York. I was offered this opportunity as a private blogger event. (This is one of the bonuses of attending blogger conferences. Most of them have private events open to attendees.) I was so excited about attending this event and for it to be my first spin class in New York I knew it was going to be epic. 
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Me not asking any questions, I really didn't know what to bring. Once I got settled into my hotel, I quickly finish changing, ensured my google maps was working and headed to Flywheel Sports where the event was being held. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to reach the destination. 
Once I arrived at the location, I signed in chatted with other bloggers, Snapchatted and waited for the event to start.
During my check-in time, I was given spinning shoes and I selected a locker. 
Once it was time for the event to start. We were assigned seating. Which I was thankful for because I was placed on the far side to the back. It was nice because I wasn't sure if the light's were going to be on or off and I didn't want anyone to catch me making any ugly exercise faces. LOL
The instructor instructed us how to properly secure our shoes onto the bikes and also explained the features on the bike. 

Once the class started (the lights did turn off), I was so pumped! Prior to the event starting, one of the reps from Vagisil came and gave her story which was truly inspiring. She told us at any point during this class if we felt like giving up to shot out “If not now, then when, and if not me then who?” It was so inspiring to be amongst so many amazing encouraging ladies.
I realized from this event that sometimes you have to use the resources around you when you feel like giving up. It's so easy to forget that in life.
The spinning class was phenomenal, our instructor was so amazing. I love her playlist and just her vibe.  She was so sweet during the entire process and kept on encouraging us to go at our own speed or above! I would highly suggest if you're thinking about taking a spin class to do it, it's such a wonderful experience. You will leave inspired and motivated! I follow a couple of people on social media who are avid spinners. I didn't get it, now I do. I now understand why it's part of their daily routines. If you're wondering if it works out your entire body. It does! Especially your legs and core. 

Have you ever attended a spin class before?

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