My Planner for 2016

by - 1/14/2016 10:15:00 AM

This year I will be working with three planners. I currently own two. The one pictured above is like my catch all. I have a five year planner, and a blogger planner that I have yet to create. 

I've tried other methods of recording /remembering what needs to get done. However, writing things done works best for me. At times I will still use my phone as a reminder. However, I have forgotten too many times to count to put the "alert" on. This the reason I solely do not rely on my phone. 

The planner above is from the Staples ARC line, which is discbound. I opted to decorate the month of January gold & black for my birthday month. 

Anywho, are you a fan of planners? 

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