Happy Friday+ After Christmas Sale Shopping

by - 1/08/2016 01:44:00 PM

Yesterday my son and I had a trip to the Mall. It feels as if I have been to the mall almost everyday this week ( inset blank stare) 

I've noticed that I never really payed attention to the after Christmas sales. Of course I love stocking up on Christmas supplies. 

However, I never really paid attention to the sales at some of my favorite stores. 

It was actually really nice because I had the opportunity to purchase some items that I had my eye on. 

It was also nice because my son was in need of pants, and I was able to stop by my Macy's and get him a couple of pairs of joggers for around $17 each. ( he still wears children's size) 

I'm not a huge Mall shopper. I am the parent of a tween, and as you may know the mall is the "Cool Spot" on the weekends. 

Anywho, Did you find any great After Christmas sale items? 

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  1. I'm not a mall shopper either. As a mom of a boy too I feel like I have to buy new, longer pants every week!


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