Love and Basketball (My Son)

by - 1/22/2016 12:00:00 AM

 That moment you realize you tried to be "Great" but your DSLR camera would not allow you to, sorry for the blurry pictures. (Okay, rant over) These pictures were captured last Sunday at my son's game.Wow, this young man is going to be a teenager next month. Where does time go? 

 When I envisioned having a son, I never envisioned spending my weekends at Football and Basketball games (no complaints). Prior to having a son, I never really paid attention to sports. I just didn't, my father is more of a boxing guy. So Sunday night football was really foreign to me.

 So let's just say times have changed, and I'm one of those parents that all into the game. Win or lose, it's something about sports that I probably didn't grasp prior to having son, now I'm all in!

It's nice watching his growth as a player and teammate. Yes, I still have the ask the Mister and my son several times what something means. I really think they enjoy teaching the basic. Now I'm Loving Basketball. (and football too)

Anywho, are you have sports fan? Are you a mom to boys. 

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