Grilled Cheese Sandwich My Way

by - 1/25/2016 12:00:00 AM

As I am typing this post. My mouth is watering. For the last couple of weeks. I've had the taste for grilled cheese sandwiches. I personally enjoy deli cheese versus purchasing pre-packaged cheese at stores. Which kinda put a delay on the grilled cheese making process. Since I would have to go to my local Bjs to purchase the items, and let's just face it. Typically my local deli lines are really long. like the lines for the club. I've tried to cut back a tad bit on the amount of cheese I consume. So I'm not in that line too often. 

One on my favs on social media mentioned creating a grilled cheese sandwich on Sourdough bread and I thought it would be perfect. The first time I made the sandwich. I added a slice of American cheese as well to see if it was the taste my Palate was going for. The next time, I decided to add cheese and sliced tomatoes. It was something about the way the Swiss cheese melted over the sourdough bread, though which is my favorite. I know by no means this sandwich is healthy. However, this is definitely my current favorite. 

The Process: Pretty much followed this recipe here

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