Bringing Home Baby #DSLR (My best find of 2014)

by - 2/03/2015 05:45:00 AM

So while perusing Instagram a couple of months ago, I noticed the picture above about a deal on a DLSR camera at Target. I just knew I would have this deal in my state. Truth be told I was hoping to find the deal at my local store. I was hoping to purchase a DSLR camera for the mister for Christmas and this would have been perfect if I would have been able to find it on sale.

So I went to the store and they only had the floor model. I was really hesitant. (I never purchase a floor model electronic before) They were selling the camera for $399 (which was not the price I was hoping for, someone else found it for around $298). I asked if the manager would give a discount seeing how it was a floor model and he or she agreed to taking a percentage off (I can’t remember the actual amount)
I was at the store with the mister and he was so against buying another camera. We left the store without the camera. On the way home, I broke and told him that I was planning on purchasing him a camera for Christmas this year.

Apart of me was in disbelief that I left a better camera then mines that were half the price of mines at the store… I’m trying to work on being an impulse shopper…
I weighed out the pros/cons and since I planned on purchasing him the camera for him eventually. I believed that it would be worth purchasing now. The only problem was I had no idea if the camera was still at the store. I called my local store to confirm that the camera was still there and it was. I literally could not get to the store fast enough and they honored the discount the manager for earlier gave me.

I was in all with the camera (like it was mine). I did not tell the mister I had purchased it. So when he arrived home later that day I surprised him. To this day he loves his DSLR camera (he primarily uses it for videotaping) now he can relate the DSLR experience.
Anywho, were you able to snag this camera on sale last fall? I am the only person that didn’t know that mark the camera’s down? Do you have a DSLR camera. 

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  1. Awwww... SWEET! Nope, I have yet to get one... I keep telling myself I'm going to invest! Lol



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