The Couch That Got Away #Thrifting

by - 2/19/2015 08:20:00 AM

So yesterday while minding my business. I went to one of my favorite thrift stores. On Wednesday's they have 50% most of the ticket colors ( you know red, blue, green, pink etc). Well, I usually stop by the furniture section to see if they have anything I like. ( I was actually hoping they would have a entry table) well to my surprise they had this beauty. 

This was the first time in a long time that I went thrifting with my sister so it as great to have her opinion. Of course I was like " OMG, get over here and see this couch" 

Whomever owned this couch took great care of it. I mean this couch was pretty much flawless. I texted the mister with a picture with a followup call. ( yes, I wanted this couch) 

At this point my sister and I was in a rush to leave and with a price tag of $500. I was a little hesitant. The mister gave me the go ahead and it sounded as if he was really excited about the couch which made me excited. 

I didn't realize that i actually had to take the tag off of the couch and we were in a rush. I ran to grab the tag off and went straight to the cashier. To my surprise my sister whispered to me that the cashier told her that if I wait until tomorrow that the couch would be 50% off. 

Since we were in a rush. I decided to wait until today to get it. 

Well. After being home for a while I realized that the couch tag stated "no discounts". I found my receipt and called the store to see about the discount and before I could finish my sentence I was told that the couch was SOLD


Since we're in the market to purchase a couch of course I feel a little bummed out. We purchased a vegan leather couch a couple of years ago and it's a mess. I mean I never seen a couch look like this before. 

Anywho, have you ever lost out on a great find? 

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  1. YES! I once found a pair of Jimmy Choo brown pumps in the Good Will that were BRAND NEW! But they were not my size! I TRIED getting strangers to buy them, they were $3!! I was on my lunch break and hurried back to work, leaving them there. Soon as I came to my senses, realizing I could SELL them on ebay for much more I ran BACK. In a matter of 20 minutes they were no where to be found in that store! To this day I don't know WHAT I was thinking!!! $3???? I should not have even THUNK about it! LOL!


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