Glitter Bottle(s) (The Mister's Surprise Birthday) Part 2

by - 10/08/2014 06:16:00 AM

Ok, so finally part two. As prior stated here it was very hard for me to put together ideas for the mister’s birthday/graduation party. I found a ton of theme party ideas. However, I wasn’t looking for theme party ideas. I just wanted some décor ideas to add to the party. The glitter wine bottles weren’t a last minute idea. However, me, being, me I decided to do this DIY last minute. Thus the crappy pictures, sigh.

The glitter bottles were a huge hit. Everyone one loved them!! I love how super simple they were to make. Plus they weren’t too girly. I personally thought they were pretty versatile.

Also, I used the Welch’s sparkling wine bottles. I was not about to spend a ton of money on wine (unless they were being used as giveaway prizes. If this craft was thought of months in advance I would have used empty wine bottles and put sparklers in the opening or even flowers and used them as center pieces.
Anywho, I really enjoyed this DIY. I may even make one for décor in my home. 

Here is what you are going to need:
  • All purpose Spray glue
  • Wine Bottle (I used sparkling wine) 
  • A glossy, acrylic sealer (I didn't use this. However, it would have been helpful)
  • Wine Bottle (bottle could be empty as well)
  • Your choice of glitter 

Step One: Spray bottle with All Purpose glue
Step Two: Add Glitter (repeat step one and two until bottle is covered with glitter)
Step Three: Once the bottle is completely covered with glitter. Add acrylic sealer. 

 Allow to completely dry, the time may vary based on the temps outside. 

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  1. Cute project and it's even easy enough for me to I'm thinking this will be perfect for me to try for a New Years Eve get together. Thanks so much for sharing... :)


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