Changing My Routine ( What Time Do you Wakeup?)

by - 10/15/2014 06:58:00 AM

Hi Ladies,

So, I've been changing my routine around a little bit. I've learned that I am a morning person. By 8 pm I am ready for bed (usually I get up around 4:00 am). So I decided to change my daily habits around a little bit. How many task that you do when you're fully energetic that you could possibly do when it's time for bed? Do you notice that those tasks take time from your day?

Think about it, I know for me when I'm tired, I just feel like relaxing, and not working on big projects. Around that time, I can meal plan, blog hop, write my to-do list etc. I also would like to limit how much time I spend on social media. (It’s just something about Instagram though.) We’re all grown, it’s a huge difference from being on social media for “business” vs “lurking”.

Below are a couple of things that work for me (as of right now):
  • Check emails twice a day (some days are better than others)
  • Schedule out my day
  • Have dinner cooked by noon
  • To- Do List (Realistic)
  • Keep my working space tidy (How much time do you spend looking for something all because you do not have an organization system?)
  • Read daily (The more you know the more you grow)
  • Have a Blogger schedule for the month (I struggle with this)
  • Stop hoarding (throw away or donate what I don’t need)
  • Eat Dinner before 8:00 pm

(I try my hardest to have dinner cooked before Michael gets home from school. Therefore, he has my undivided attention for homework time.)

I know every day is not perfect. However, by putting structure in my day, has really made a huge difference. 

What time do you what up? Do you have your day scheduled? 

Thanks For Stopping By!

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  1. Girl I suck with planning out my day because my schedule is so erratic!!! However, I do realize I'm a mid-morning to early evening hustler. I try to get stuff done at night but after a full work day, teaching classes at the gym, running around, I'm exhausted and can barely focus on my personal projects. Smh

  2. This is great. I go back and forth with planning. However I feel like I function so much more smoothly with my day planned. Good luck with your new structure!


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