DIY Glitter Monogram Wood Letters

by - 10/22/2014 06:43:00 AM

What I Used

The Setup 

I wanted to share a quick D.I.Y I did. That I never had the opportunity to share, I purchased the letters at Michael's on Sale for about two bucks each (or less). Since I only had the gold glitter on hand left over from the glitter wine bottles. That’s what I used. I did not use a sealant. (Due to not having it on hand) However, the letters are holding up very well. (Did this project back in August)
I decided not to spray paint the letters prior to the glitter due to not wanting to take that extra step.  (I’m sure it’s probably necessary if you used silver glitter)

What I did:
Used rubber gloves to pretext my hands from the glue
Laid a plastic bag on the floor of my deck to catch the excess glitter
Step 1: Sprayed the monogram letter with the adhesive
Step 2: Applied the glitter
Step 3: Shake off the excess glitter
Repeat step 1-3 until the letter is fully covered

I opted to NOT put glitter on the back of the letters. However, did put glitter on the sides.

This project was super simple and can be the perfect touch to any home or office. This would also make a pretty cool Christmas, Birthday or baby shower gift. 

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