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Shoes For Crews About/Mission

Shoes For Crews® slip-resistant footwear has been tested and proven to be your best defense against slips and falls for over 25 years. Shoes For Crews® began producing slip-resistant footwear in 1984 and through superior technology quickly became the industry leader. Over the years we’ve stayed on top by working hard to deliver you an unbeatable product at a great price. Of course your safety and satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we look forward to delivering you the world's best slip-resistant footwear.
It is the mission of Shoes For Crews, LLC (SFC) to become partners in safety with our clients and exceed their expectations by reducing slip and fall incidents and improving the personal safety of the end-user.
SFC strives to create a safer workplace in all industries where floor hazards are a reality. The SFC team's focus is to deliver the ultimate in slip-resistant technology as well as classic and fashion styling, through a complete line of footwear designed to improve the "quality of life" of the working person by combining slip-resistance, comfort and durability into all our products.

Shoes For Crews graciously provided me with the opportunity to review their slip-resistant footwear dress shoes for women (shown above). I was immediately impressed when I went online to find out that Shoes For Crews Design and manufacture their own shoes. How cool is that? By doing so, they are able to pass down their savings with prices starting as low as $30! With over 70 styles that are all slip-resistant footwear.
Shoes For Crews have a wide range selection for women and men. For me, at times ordering on line can be a little nerve wracking. However after doing a little bit more browsing I realized that Shoes For Crews® offers a competitive Wear & Compare Challenge, and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days of purchase, they offer FREE exchanges or E-Z returns. No questions asked! Okay, so I was completely sold right there, the fact that I do not have to worry myself with the “What If’s” was a huge plus for me. I LOVE the quality of their shoes. They are extremely comfortable and with working long hour days on my feet. I’m not complaining at the end of the day about how my feet are hurting. Also, I really like how stylish Shoes For Crews shoes are, I do not have to worry about looking stylish at work with my safety on the line. Like I did with those other so called slip resistant shoes. Furthermore, with having active kids in sports,and their own social life, I do not have to worry about changing my shoes to go to my tweens practices or games or running to doctor’s appointments three times a week with my daughter. Trust me, durability, reliability and style plays a major role when I purchase shoes, and Shoes For Crews does just that.
I also wanted to take a moment to talk about their Steel Toe footwear, with my husband's line of work. He is consistently purchasing Steel Toe shoes, and boy was it hard for me to find a good high quality pair for him that’s not too pricey. I am happy to say that I have finally found a place to order my husband’s steel Toe boats from!  Thanks Shoes For Crews!
For additional information about Shoes for Crews visit them online at You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to win a pair of Slip-resistant shoes?Shoes For Crews is Giving away a Pair of their awesome slip-resistant shoes to one of my wonderful readers!

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  1. Wow! I had no idea shoes like these existed. I have a wedding to work at tomorrow and I wish I'd found these shoes sooner. Oh well. :) Maybe next time!

    Jess @

  2. What a great giveaway! My daughter could use a pair of these!


  3. I could definitely use a pair of these shoes!!

  4. Thanks for sharing I would definetly try this. Are there any Shoes For Crews online coupons available or not.

  5. LOL it reminds me a very memorable day of my life. there was a slippy place in my college which became after heavy rain. One of my friend said that O Sophie you must slip from here and she slipped there. Anyways lovely piece of writing and i used to buy my spring shoe from so you can add it in your blog as well.

  6. Today, there are number of safety and non slip shoe designer and manufacturer. It’s up to you what to choose. Competition arises. The question is, does the product affordable? Does the life span of the product longer than others? Based on my experience, has all these characteristics. Try to visit their site. It’s Superb! ;)


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