Simple Ways To Practice Self-care This New Year

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It's the oficial start if the New Year, and it's the perfect opportunity to work on ways that you can practice more selfcare in your life. Whether you're hoping to create easy selfcare practices to implement on a whim or you simply would like to implement more self-care in your life this New Year. Below, I'm sharing Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care This New Year.

1. At-Home Spa Day
One of my goals this year is to focus on myself. I love the analogy that they give on the flight to take care of yourself first. Self-care is an emergency so treat it like an emergency situation and make yourself a property. Each week I set a self-care day. I make sure that I have my favorite self-care/beauty products in stock like.

2. Track Your Accomplishments
This year I started tracking my accomplishments and it's actually one of the best feelings in the world. Each morning I cross off my accomplishments from the day before, and it's actually has turned into a routine for me. Each month of track and focus on three new habits that I would like to turn into a routine, and in the areas that I need to work on. They'll carry over to the next month.

3. Mindful Eating
It's so important to watch what we eat. Too often we typically just grab and go, and do not strategically put any thought process into the foods in which we're consuming. It only takes a few minutes to create and execute a menu plan. Start by creating a list of all of the foods in which you have your home and the meals you can create with those items. Create a grocery list based off of the foods you need, and don't forget to include your snacks a well.

4. Unplug
As much as I love social media and the amazing connections that I've made. It's so important to incorporate a day to unplug and allow yourself to be the best version of yourself and live in the moment. This doesn't have to be the same day each month. Pick a day that works for you, and if the day isn't scheduled and it just happens. That's even better!

5. Gratitude
Whether it's keeping a journal of what you've done or accomplished. It's so important to show gratitude. It's also amazing to look back on and reflect on those not-so-perfect days.

6. The Joy of Gifts
As a parent, I've noticed it's super hard for us parents to gift ourselves. We always have everyone else's needs first and tend to put our wants last on the priority list. Whether it's a new book or a lipstick that's been on your "wish list" treat yourself to something special that you want.

7. Create
Whether it's creating a weekly spread for your planner or creating a batch of your favorite cookies. Take a moment to create. Doing what you love allows your creative juices to flow, and allows you to feel mindful and productive.

8. Build a Self-Care Kit
Of course, I save my favorite for last. I love building self-care kits. They're pretty much like rewarding yourself for self-care. I typically will fill a pretty box or basket with my favorite products like my favorite book or magazine, fuzzy socks, chocolate, and my scents and beauty items. 

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  1. You have some great ideas here. I find shopping helps me when I'm down.

  2. I will be putting many of these into practice. Now to have a whole day to self care would be awesome.

  3. Great ideas! I always enjoy a pedicure, massage, and a bath!

  4. We all deserve our share of self care and this New Year, hope to focus more on this. These are excellent pointers in this direction that will be helpful

  5. These are good ways to practise self care for me to try.

  6. At home Spa day sounds like an amazing idea. It's the best solution for me!

  7. Gratitude is the best thing to start the new year with. It's always good to make a list of the things we are thankful for

  8. Creating something your love, enjoy helps to practice self-care. I feel a lot brighter and motivated when I create stuff that I love such as baking

  9. The mindful eating, yes! That's one of my goals, and thinking about it through the lens of self care makes so much sense.

  10. I love the idea of a self care kit. There are so many awesome ideas to take care of ourselves here in this post

  11. I will definitely be trying to do more of this. I like the idea of tracking accomplishments, because I think we often overlook what we have successfully done.

  12. I love self-care all year long. My favorite thing is to take a long bath with nice smelling anything in the bathroom and just relax.

  13. Mindful eating is important. It's something I struggle with.

  14. These are really great ideas, There are a lot ideas to take care of our selves! I love this!

  15. Such great ways to practice self-care. I do gift or treat myself from time to time. :) -LYNNDEE


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