5 Things I'm Proud of December

by - 1/04/2022 12:00:00 AM

December really flew by, I can't believe how fast 2021 came and went. December is such a magical month for me. especially with everything going on with the holidays and all of the decor just makes it so magical... Though this past month flew by, of course, I had to take a moment and share what I'm proud of.

5 Things I’m Proud of in December 


I did not go crazy with after-Christmas sales. This used to be something that I would look forward to every year. However, now my children are older. I don't require a lot of the things that I needed when they were smaller.

Purchased Something I wanted

I purchased something that I wanted and I can't wait to do an unboxing for your guys.


I slept in whenever I could, it's such a nice reward to be able to sleep in as a parent. It really feels nice.


In November I pretty much started my plants journey over. I am proud of myself for paying extra attention to my little plant babies and also learning about ways to ensure that they thrive.

Do you have anything that you’re proud of?

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  1. Awesome list. I loved sleeping in on break too!

  2. I am proud of helping my son buy his first car. He bought a Mazda3 and it is a nice car.

  3. Sleeping sounds good. I love to sleep and Im glad I could do it before going back to work

  4. Im happy for you girl. I went crazy with the Christmas sales! I just couldn't control myself

  5. Im pretty proud of myself too last December. I was able to work with the brands I love

  6. I am proud to say that I am able to buy my kids things for Christmas and able to prepare everything for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

  7. I am like you, I didn't go crazy buying stuff after Christmas. We are downsizing gradually.

  8. These are all great things that you have done for yourself. I am envious!

  9. I'm excited to see what you un box for us! I'm proud of the hobby I started with jewelry making and how I can already see growth in the short time I've been doing it.

  10. I would like to buy new plants this spring and to learn to take care of them. I hope to do it with my kid.

  11. Gosh, I haven't slept well since 25th December as my dad is severely ill :( I love your outfit 😍

    Everything Enchanting <3

  12. Looks like you had fun December. I too enjoy sleeping I did that.

  13. It is good that you set goals for yourself .When you achieve them you feel proud it is a great feeling. Plant are great. I have them too it make me feel happy to see them.


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