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Pretty much everything on my list from last year carried over to this year. A lot of my goals are the same, because though I did stay on task with a lot of my goals. I want to continue to do so. It's so easy to lose focus on a goal, especially when you feel that it has become a habit. 

Do you have any goals for this year? 

22 things that I want to Start, Stop, and Splurge On

1. Read More- Towards the middle of last year, I found an app that I loved. It really has kept me on task with my reading goals. However, it's still very important for me to read and implement what I've learned.
2. Date Myself- I started off the year strong last year by dating myself. I have to get back on track with this. My goal is to take myself on a date as often as possible.
3. Stop buying just to buy! - Though I still struggle with this. I'm getting better with buying just to buy, especially in the food department. There's no need for me to stock up as much as I do especially when I'm at the grocery store at least once a week.
4. Treat me- I still struggle at a time when it comes to buying myself stuff. I have to work on this. However, I'm looking forward to treating myself.
5. DSLR- (Learn how to shoot in manual mode) - Towards the end of last year I purchased a new iPhone. Trust me, my old phone was three or four years old, and the battery life was horrible. With that being said. I reach for my phone now which is to be expected. However, it still can not produce the product of a DSLR camera. I still have so much to learn when it comes to my camera.
6. Nails Done- To be honest, I really just need more non-toxic nail polish in my life. I did great with keeping my nails done last year though.
7. Quality- I have my eye on a couple of pieces. Looking forward to making the investment.
8. Planner- I have to get better at using both of my planners daily.
9. Hobby- I would love to still enroll in a class at Michael's or any other craft store.
11. Travel often - I actually did a good amount of traveling last year, and I'm super proud of myself. I love to travel, and I'm looking forward to traveling often.
12. YouTube- I just have to do better. I have videos recorded. I just have to do better with editing and posting them, and keeping my schedule.
13. Language- Learn basic phrases. (brownie points, if I learn a new language.)
14. Silhouette machine - I haven't used my machine in over a year. Looking forward to using it again. I honestly really do love it.
15. Drink more water - I did okay with my daily water goals. However, there is always room for improvement.
16. Self-Care Day - I just have to incorporate more self-care days.
17. Makeup- I've been doing great with my everyday no-makeup makeup look. I have to throw in a couple of full-face looks here and there.
18. Get Dressed Up - I've actually been doing great with this. Looking forward to dressing up more.
19. Minimalist- I still would love to keep a minimalist mindset in all areas of my life.
20. Do More - This year I just have to incorporate doing more of whatever I like.

21. Garden - Last year I didn't anticipate starting my garden. 2021 one of my goals is to spend a lot of time in my garden.

22. Supplements - Learn more about supplements to include in my routine.
What are some of your 2022 Goals?

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  1. I have worked on #22 and I don't seem to make progress. Looking forward to your research on this topic.

  2. You won't regret adding more self-care days to your 2022. They have been amazing for me.

  3. I want to learn a new language too this year. Start with basics and start small

  4. Great goals! I will agree about more self-care, that is one of my main goals this year! Taking more time for me and I'll be adding nails to it also....love getting my nails done!

  5. It is always nice to write down your goals for the year. I hope to take a leaf or two from you and get down to writing my own goals for the year!

  6. These are such great goals to aim for. I enjoyed reading this.

  7. I love your lists of goals for this year. Me, one of my goal is to be have more time with my family and with myself.

  8. I love the idea of setting up goals for the year, I am going to do this too!

  9. This is such a great idea. I love that you made a list like this. I should probably do something like this as well.

  10. I will surely going to do this too. I think I really need to set up a goals this 2022.

  11. I really want to learn a lot of new recipes this 2022 and also focus more on self care.

  12. I love this post. I need to increase my water intake too. I also want non toxic nail polish as well.

  13. These are some wonderful goals for 2022! I need to start making a list! I need to start drinking more water too

  14. Your goals are really wonderful. I also want to learn a new language

  15. A lot of these goals are on my actionable goal list for 2022! I was just doing some research on some supplements to add to my daily routine and I also want to get into dating myself heavy!!


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