My Mommy Style Monday: Shein Blue Set

by - 6/14/2021 12:57:00 PM


Happy Monday! This past weekend was pretty amazing, the weather was gorgeous, and I was able to spend some time in my garden.

How was your weekend?

Attire Breakdown

Set: Shein Shoes: Target Sunglasses: Fendi

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  1. What a great looking set! It always amazes me the items you can get from Shein.

  2. What a cute outfit. I love buying my swimsuits from this place.

  3. Not only is this outfit cute, but it looks super comfy too!

  4. Shein clothes are so inexpensive. I am hesitant to try but they do have free returns!

  5. Ok I need this. Completely adorable. I have a reunion coming up.

  6. I love the texture on this outfit. You look great and comfortable too.

  7. Wow! That attire looks absolutely stunning on you! The color is just so perfect! We had an amazing weekend, hope you, too!

  8. Shein set of clothes are affordable and great! Love it!


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