My 2021 Summer Bucket List

by - 6/02/2021 12:00:00 AM

It's officially June, and in a few short weeks, it will be the first day of Summer. Last weekend, we had a cold front with temps in the low 50's. Which made me really dream about warmer weather. With this bucket list, I'm hoping to bring some type of normalcy back into my life. Since I pretty much did not do anything last summer like most people. I would like to be a little bit more adventurous this year. Whether it's simply going for a bike ride, or actually going to the beach, or heck just simply enjoying the warmer weather. I'm looking forward to this summer. 

My 2021 Summer Bucket List 

  • Go Out for Ice Cream
  • Visit The Rose Garden
  • Try a new recipe
  • Have a crab boil 
  • Take a Day Trip
  • Watch a movie outside 
  • Go on a picnic
  • Take a vacation 
  • Go on a Bike Ride
  • Visit the Strawberry Patch
  • Try a new dinner spot
  • Try a new breakfast spot
  • Try a new lunch spot
  • Have dinner outside 
Do you have any plans this summer? 

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  1. We have some of the same things on our lists. Gotta add the crab boil!

  2. I think that on our summer bucket list, to go out for an ice cream or to have a family picnic is a must!

  3. We had a cold front too which made me think that Ms. Spring didn't get the memo. LOL. So looking forward to summer! -LYNNDEE

  4. Loving the bike ride idea, ice cream and dining outdoors goals for the summer. There is something so special about the warmer weather and long summer days. Have a great Summer.


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