My Mommy Style Monday: Target Mules + Bell Sleeve Top

by - 4/19/2021 12:00:00 AM

 I purchased these mules shoes last fall, and honestly, I wish I would have purchased a few pairs in any, and every color they came in. They've honestly been my go-to shoe this spring. They pretty much go with everything, and they're so comfortable. I haven't recently purchased too many shoes that are slide on, I loved the trend years ago, and I just wasn't sure about it this time around. I'm so happy that I did decide to add a pair to my collection. These shoes are truly where style and comfort meet. 

Are you a fan of mule shoes? How was your weekend? 

My Attire Breakdown

Top: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Jeans: FemmeLuxe Shoes: Target

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  1. So beautiful! Those shoes are really cute. Love your style. I wish I could find such cute things at my thrift store.

  2. This outfit is perfect for my niece. This is for sure her style! You look amazing!

  3. So perfect for spring. I love shopping at Target, of course.. Cute outfit!

  4. That is beautiful outfit, love the colors Yes you are a hot mommy.

  5. This is a wonderful outfit. It looks so cute on you too!


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