Tips For Creating The Perfect Spa Day At Home During The Holidays

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The holidays are meant to create memories and to spend time with your loved ones. As a mom, I know the holidays can become pretty stressful. From shopping for friends and family, family gatherings, to volunteering your time. You can be stretched pretty thin, leaving you with little time to actually enjoy those little moments, and time for self-care. A few years ago, I started incorporating self-care days during the holidays. In the past, I would typically host intimate holiday dinners at my home, which takes a lot of time and energy to execute. I started planning at-home spa days before and after those events. I feel so refreshed after my at-home spa day. It’s like having a mini-vacation but at home, whether it's just for the holidays, or you start to incorporate your at-home spa day into your schedule. Below, I'm sharing tips to assist you in creating the perfect self-care day at home.


I've learned that it's not fun to have a self-care day if your home isn't tidy. Try to schedule your special day during a time when you clean or have your home professionally cleaned. For example, if you know for the holidays you typically have a cleaning service come a week before Christmas to clean your home, plan your self-care day for the same day in which they come if possible. It's one less thing you have to do, and you really can enjoy your home. If you typically clean Saturday mornings, schedule your at-home spa day for Saturday evening or Sunday morning. 

Don't Over Think

It's so easy to overthink the first couple of self-care days, especially when your children are smaller. Once these days start to be on rotation in your schedule, it makes it a lot easier to incorporate them. Don't overthink the small stuff! If you forget something, add it to your at-home spa day list. 

Wish List

Create an at-home spa day wish list. There may be products that you would like to try or even a wish list of products that you would like to order or books you would like to immerse yourself in on your special day. Write a "wish list" of items that would make your day extra special.


As a mom, our schedules can be pretty busy. Look at your calendar, whether you're using a planner or the calendar on your phone. At first glance, you may not see that you have any time for self-care. Perhaps you have to wake up a little early on Sunday to have the perfect spa day at home or go to sleep a little later than usual. Look to see what works for you, and implement those days. 

Shopping List

Create a shopping list for your must-haves in order to have the perfect spa day at home. Do you need the perfect exfoliant or body wash? The perfect plush robe? A nail polish kit? Or a good book to conclude your perfect day? Sam's Club is a one-stop-shop for those essentials, especially during the holidays. 


While you’re shopping for your loved ones, pick up a few essentials. Unilever Personal Care brands at Sam's Club has so many amazing brands from Dove, Nexxus®, to SheaMoisture®. Some of my favorite products to pick up at Sam's Club are the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish and the SheaMoisture® 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash. It’s like being on vacation every time you take a shower. It leaves my skin soft, nourished and gives a luxuriously clean feel. Dove Exfoliating Body Polish nourishes your skin as it exfoliates, leaving my skin smooth and refreshed. I love that it buffs away dry skin while nourishing the new layer underneath. 

This is also the perfect time to create an at-home spa day basket for a loved one. One for me, one for you! You can purchase your at-home spa day essentials in-store or online at Sam's Club. They have the option to order online and/or pickup in-store. Plus, they’re currently offering $5 off when you purchase two Unilever Personal Care brands (Dove, Nexxus®, and SheaMoisture® - Participating products)

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    I am really loving this! A spa at home is really awesome. I will definitely have this idea in my mind. Thank you for sharing.

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