How To Survive Being Single During the Holidays + Embrace Your Singleness

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Last year I spent my first-holiday single, and boy was it an eye-opener. I think it’s so easy to give advice to friends and loved ones about being single during the holidays until you’re in that position. Trust me, I would always encourage my friends/family to enjoy their single years, and pretty much live life up. Boy has the tables turned, those same tips I was once given. I’m taking myself. When you love the holidays it can be hard when you would love to spend that time with the “love of your life”. This is also engagement season, so left and right you’re going to see posts on social media about people getting engaged. Though you want to be happy for them. It honestly can be a little overwhelming. Whether you want to get married or not. Have children or don’t or simply just want to be a support system for your single friends/family. I’m sharing tips below, on how to survive the holidays, and embrace your singleness. This post is also primarily for people who are not looking for someone to make them happy. I believe happiness is an inside job.

Take a Solo Trip

Though it’s currently a pandemic, I’m hoping someone will read this post years from now, and is able to travel. Let’s face it. Not everyone lives in a hotspot, and some people live in prime travel destinations. Do your due diligence and book a trip. Travel to your favorite destination. Remember your piece of mind is so much more important. Especially, if you plan on attending a toxic family gathering.


This is the perfect time to create your own tradition. Have you ever wanted to see drive through a light show on Christmas Eve? Spend the day making homemade gifts or binge-watching your favorite shows? This is the perfect time to create those traditions.


Be honest. Share with your friends and family how you’re feeling. Let them know that the holidays are rough for you being single. Communication is key.

Seek Help

I’m a strong believer in seeking help. Your friends are not your therapist. Do the research and find a therapist to assist you with getting through the holidays. This can be such a wonderful way to not have to hold back on what’s on your mind.


Volunteering is a great way to give back during the holiday season. It’s honestly a win-win situation because you’re spending time assisting those in need. 


I've been journaling for as long as I can rmemeber. Spend some time to journal and reflect on what you want. This is a great way to do a brain dump as well. 

To whom this may apply to...

This message is for those who have been in a serious relationship. Though, I know these next couple of months are going to be hard. Think about what it was like Being unhappy in a relationship for the holidays.

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  1. I have done the holidays single but not in 20+ years and if you do not have people around it can be a little lonely. I am thankful for my kids and husband and like them around at this time of year.

  2. This is some good advice. I am married, but my husband is deployed, so I'm sort of alone for the holidays. I know it's not the same though. Thank goodness for my kids!

  3. I am married but sometimes I want to be alone for the holidays! Or at least a weekend :)

  4. With the pandemic and well timed as they are I am so grateful for my family. It can be difficult to stay encouraged but these are some great ideas to keep one busy during the holidays

  5. I love this - holidays alone can be hard, but they can also be the best if you just embrace them too!

  6. I need to send this post to some of my single friends. These are great ideas on how to embrace being single through the holidays.

  7. You have given a lot of great tips. It can be very hard to be single during the holidays.

  8. I can't even remember what being single feels like anymore but I bet the holidays are a little difficult. These are a lot of great tips!

  9. Oh I know several who will benefit from this article. Hehe

  10. With the pandemic I can only imagine how much harder it is this year. When I was single I volunteered a lot! These are great tips for singles!


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