10 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

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This holiday season is going to look a lot different. Each year around this time, my family and I start to finalize our plans for the upcoming holidays. With so much uncertainty, I'm still looking forward to the holidays and spending time with friends and family whether it's in person or virtually. Though the holidays will look different for all. What I will say is it's very important to still just plan ahead. Below, I'm sharing 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday. 

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday


It's so important now than ever to learn technology and to be patient with your older loved ones. Use this time to teach them the various technology that's available. This is also a wonderful time to invest in portable chargers, and/or wireless headsets. 

Virtual Events

If you prefer to not do any in-person events this year. Plan a virtual event with friends, and family. It's still a wonderful alternative. If you guys do Secret Santa for Christmas use online ordering and have the items mailed to your loved ones. This is a wonderful way to still celebrate and have no contact. 

Plan Ahead

I can not tell you the importance of planning ahead of time whether you're hosting or a guest at a holiday gathering. If the person is hosting an event doesn't ask you to bring anything, offer. Why because if you don't you're going to be the first person that the contact when they need something last minute. From creating your shopping list in advance, create your menu plan, know what gifts your purchasing and for whom. Plan, plan, plan, you can't over plan.

Learn to Say NO!

Okay, you may not want to hear that. However, it's so important to learn how to say no. Especially, during these times of uncertainty. I get it, it's the holidays.  However, you deserve to enjoy the holidays too. If you know it's going to be too much for you, learn how to say no. "No, I can't bake a cake. However, I can pick one up from the store on my way." 

Create a budget
I am huge on creating a budget for the holiday season. I wrote several posts on it. It's so easy to get carried away with spending. Know what your budget is, and stick to it. 

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

I have to be honest with you. I'm still learning not to sweat the small stuff. I remember my first year making a red velvet cake. I forgot to purchase buttermilk. I was mid-way of making the cake and noticed that I was out of milk... I noticed that my local pharmacy was open and I decided to make a quick run to purchase some milk. Long story short. It wasn't the end of the world. I purchased the milk and googled how to make homemade buttermilk.

Buy what you can't make or Create

I love Martha Stewart. However, I know that I'm not her. Outsource whatever you can. I know those DIY projects sound like an amazing idea. However, be realistic with yourself. Instead of procrastinating and waiting until the last-minute has someone make or create it for you. I have no shame in buying pre-made desserts, and sides. My family loves candy yams and they are my least favorite to make and take a ton of time. Guess what I do? I purchase the pre-made version. Learn to not sweat the small stuff.

Prep As Much As You Can

Typically when I'm hosting a holiday dinner I create a list of To-do's, a shopping list as well as a list of everything that I need to work on that week. I prep as much as I can days before like place cards, menus, etc. I also make sure that I have everything that I need. I cook all of my desserts a day or two in advance and I try my best to make everything else the night before. 

Ask For Help

This is something that I struggle a lot with. I really hate bothering people so I tend to take everything on. When we typically have Christmas or New Years' dinner. I make everything. I started asking people to bring something. Food, drinks, dessert, cutlery. Anything helps! Even if you're asking friends/family to assist you to be on the lookout for a special gift that you have to purchase. It doesn't hurt to ask for help.


We get so wrapped up in the holidays and making sure that everything and everyone is okay. Don't forget to actually enjoy the upcoming holidays. Plan some "me time" and self-care dates for yourself. Remember that you're no good to anyone else if you're a mess and barely functioning.

Do you have any stress-free holiday tips?

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  1. I'll keep these in mind. I hate being stressed. My husband will be deployed during the holidays, so I'm going to need to relax and not flip out.

  2. I am so bad at not saying no and overcommitting myself. Then, I'm stressed out and don't enjoy the holidays.

  3. These tips are going to come in real handy. The holidays are really stressful sometimes.

  4. Yes, we need help if we want to enjoy the holidays. I need to remember these tips!

  5. I don't want to stress myself out this coming Holiday! These tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. These are great tips! I am all about saying NO this year. On Christmas, I'll be 35 weeks pregnant so I am opting out of anything that stresses me out!

  7. I'm not too stressed when holidays comes. Maybe because I'm not the one who cooks for the guests,hehe.

  8. We don't celebrate holidays so I can't really offer any advice, but for other events maybe ask help from a caterer if it's get too much. ^_^

  9. These are some great tips. The holidays sure can be stressful. I try to make them as less stressful as possible too.

  10. This will definitely be a stress-free holiday. Love all of these tips.


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